Dental Practice Staffing Services in Los Angeles

When starting or running a dental practice in a busy area like Los Angeles, your time becomes extremely valuable. Working with the right dental practice consulting firm in Los Angeles takes the hassle and nuisance out of the hiring process, helping you build a qualified team that you can grow your practice with.


Dental Management Professionals (DMP) can help to address your dental practice staffing needs by helping you find professional and qualified employees to fill any vacant positions. Our objective is to help meet the demands of your practice without the costs and hassle associated with recruiting and maintaining administrative staff.

Dental Staffing Management | Our Process

We employ a rigorous screening process that guarantees that you find only the best qualified candidates that are selected to fill the open positions in your practice, which may include:

  • Temporary and permanent placement
  • Practice expansion
  • Short and long term leave openings
  • Maintaining patient care during challenging times
  • We can help your source for:
  • Dentists and associates
  • Dental assistants
  • Hygienists
  • Oral surgeon and orthodontic assistants
  • Treatment planners
  • Medical billers and bookkeepers
  • Office managers and front office staff
There is a large pool of talented personalities to choose from in Los Angeles. Working with a dental practice management firm, can help you connect to interested and quality candidates quickly. We help you reduce the time, effort, and money spent interviewing applicants, and ensure that you get the right candidate for each position.

Summary of Our Dental Staffing Services

Our criterion typically involves three simple steps:


  1. Defining a clear picture of the duties and responsibilities expected by the client. You have a clear picture of the kind of team member that you want to have. We help you focus on the key qualities, attributes, personality traits, or skills that will help us locate the most suitable candidate based on your detailed job description.
  2. Narrowing the search and cutting through the flood of emails and resumes of applicants with diverse qualifications looking to fill the position. It can be a time consuming and overwhelming task to sort through the applications. Working with a consulting firm like DMP makes it easier for practices to focus on their core operations while we help in selecting the applicants likely to be a good fit for your practice.
  3. Ensuring that the shortlisted candidates are a good fit for your practice. Finding the right candidate includes a series of steps, including interviews. But before they start working, we help you ensure that they will fit in with the rest of your team without any personality conflicts.

If you have any questions about our dental practice consulting services, or would like to find out how our expertise can be beneficial to you, please contact us today.

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