Dental Practice Audit & Analysis in LA

When you complete your dentistry program and enter the job market, the primary concern is usually about your ability to perform proper diagnosis and successful treatment. But when you decide to start your own practice, or purchase an existing one, your audit skills will be tested, as dental practice audit becomes one of the skills that you need to hone if you want to proceed. But things don’t necessarily have to be that difficult when you can outsource your dental practice audit to specialists in Los Angeles.


Dental practice consulting in Los Angeles typically includes an audit for dental professionals. When working with Dental Management Professionals (DMP), we conduct systematic and thorough analysis (or DD) of the quality of dental care that the selling dental practice provides to it’s patients, with the view to identifying any service deficiencies that can be improved on after the close of the sale. When purchasing an existing practice, we will also evaluate the financials within the practice’s dental software to ensure you are purchasing the practice at fair market value.


Our dental practice audit also serves as a tool to encourage dental professionals to re-examine all aspects of patient care and establish a routine for improving any attributes that are below standard.

This is also an important component of practice analysis aimed at:


Continual review of the dental professional’s skills, knowledge, and performance. The idea is for dental professionals to reflect on the results, and identify their strengths and limits.


Revealing the current best practice in specific fields, so dental professionals can deliver a good standard of care based on the available and current evidence.

Ultimately, an audit is supposed to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce errors and risks
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Facilitate professional development
  • Aid in practice processes
  • Offer financial benefits

Our Los Angeles Dental Practice Audit Process

Defining the criteria and standards for the audit – Considering that the primary objective of an audit is to monitor different elements of patient care against the set standards, the standards are defined by what should be happening in practice with regard to the minimum level of acceptable performance.


Establishing the criteria for data collection – An appropriate sample size is identified to ensure that the data is sufficiently representative of the area being audited. Data can be collected prospectively (as it occurs) or retrospectively (based on existing data).


Data analysis – This step is vital for comparison purposes to identify the extent of deviation from the standard set, and allow for reflection on corrective measures


Identify the necessary changes and implement them – The audit process should help a dental practice identify areas that need adjustments. Changes should then be implemented and monitored progressively until the next audit.

Audit has become an integral component of the professional development for all dental professionals in a work setting. It is a welcomed endeavor that gives you a chance to change your working environment and create a better dental experience for your LA patients.


Contact us today for an audit of your dental practice.

Contact us today for an audit of your dental practice.