Dental Practice Consulting & Management in Los Angeles

When looking to start a dental practice, expand your operations to other locations, or navigate a transition, you should seek the help of a Los Angeles dental practice management consulting company. Over the last decade, dental practices have sought new ways to increase patient volume and appointments, boost margins, make their operations more efficient, and improve collections.


Dental Management Professionals (DMP) specialize in helping dental practices throughout Los Angeles improve their operations, and in the process, increase their competitiveness, value proposition, and profitability.


Our approach to consulting is different than most other consulting firms. We don’t just run numbers, or give you some advice or protocol on how to manage your practice and then see you in a month or so. We will make sure your team is working together to make the practice a success, with tailored duties, and staff accountability.

Affordable Consulting for New Dentists in LA

We believe that our dental coaching/guidance/mentoring program for new entrants is critical for success in dentistry. Fresh graduates from different dentistry programs could benefit from sound advice offered by dental professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry.


We cover a wide spectrum of relevant issues, including practice management, starting your own dental practice, and marketing in dentistry. In the decades that we have been providing these services, we have realized that new dental professionals find the costs of hiring consultants quite prohibitive, causing them to make many mistakes that could have been avoided with just a bit of guidance.


As such, we try to make our consulting services as affordable as possible, so professionals looking to start a new practice or purchase an existing one, can make their services available to their communities profitably.


We also provide advice on communication strategies, career choices, clinical issues, financing options, continuing education, entering or acquiring existing practices, and related topics.

Targeted Solutions to Practicing Dentistry Profitably

With changing consumer behaviors, all industries have to change to accommodate the increasingly knowledgeable patron. Dental practices in LA that have been around for decades, may be facing different challenges of running their operations in today’s constantly evolving environment. It can be challenging for experienced practices to struggle to not only keep up with new technology in dentistry, but also new marketing techniques, and other issues.


Our approach at DMP is flexible, offering both all-inclusive consultation and targeted involvement to help you address challenges that are specific to your dental practice.

Summary of Our Dental Consulting Services

New and emerging dentists in Los Angeles must seek the right guidance and leadership to succeed in their profession and address dental concerns in their communities. As such, our dental practice consulting services include, among other topics:

  • Communication with patients and team members
  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • Problem solving – clinical, interpersonal, financial
  • System implementation analysis
  • Profitability

If you have any questions about our dental practice consulting services in Los Angeles, or would like to find out how our expertise can be beneficial to you, please contact our office.

Contact us today to help grow and manage your dental practice.